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The Mini Cruppers started as a few mini owners getting together to go driving in Maudslay State Park in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  We cause quite a scene when we are on the move with people coming over to meet the little ones and ask all kinds of questions.  We then started "recruiting" more people to join us and have some fun.  We spend about an hour and a half on the trails then head back to the parking area, give the little ones their hay bags and then sit down and tie the hay bag on ourselves and "hoss" talk (New England version of horse). 

We also are trying to get more mini owners involved in combined driving events, as there is a big gap in VSE entries in New England.  (VSE stands for very small equine in driving lingo)  See how much you have learned already!

Minis are a very different breed of horse.  Coming from a big horse background, my own opinion is that they are smarter than the average big horse, learning in two to three sessions what a big horse would learn in six or seven.  They are very eager to learn, to love and to have fun. 

We also try to help rescue minis find a loving home.  In this day and age many people are unable to keep their pets for loss of jobs, the economy and other reasons and to a true horse lover, the thought of the killers getting them just does not sit well with us.  So if you are looking for a rescue mini or are looking to place a mini (not sell), then please let us know and we will try and help you. 



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